About Us

PK Companies (PK) is committed to creating partnerships that provide housing solutions to better fulfill the needs of our communities. We strive to add value to the areas we serve and enrich the lives of our residents. We deliver answers to housing needs that address the wants of our residents and strengthen the wider community. Through our comprehensive strategy, we purchase, develop and manage properties that offer opportunities for creative housing solutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable team works to meet the needs of each neighborhood in a coordinated effort with community leaders to better serve residents.

PK is a family-owned real estate firm based in Okemos, Michigan. We were originally formed as PK Housing & Management Inc. in 1981 by Ronald J. “Pete” Potterpin as a full-service property management company. Prior to forming PK, Pete started his career in real estate by operating the affiliated property management company of a large Midwest-based developer of affordable housing. PK Housing & Management still operates today, through which we manage a varied portfolio of multifamily housing and mixed-use developments. Starting in 1990, PK began acquiring and rehabilitating affordable housing properties, and we’ve been building our portfolio ever since. In 1999, PK Construction Company was formed to act as a general contractor on our own development projects. In 2006, PK Development Group was formed to accommodate the growth of the development business.

Over the years, Pete’s family has grown into the business and, after having developed their own expertise, comprise the core leadership team of PK. Terry Potterpin is a former Enrolled Agent and owned her own accounting firm for years. Terry serves as PK’s CFO and oversees the day-to-day operations of our property management business. Chris Potterpin, Vice President of PK Companies, is an expert at deal asset management, underwriting and financial analysis. He also has experience working for a regional tax credit syndication firm. Chris now operates the day-to-day business of PK Development and primarily works to identify new development opportunities. Chris and Pete also oversee the operations of PK Construction. Lindsey Klug has worked from the ground up in the property management business, much like her father, and has transitioned from one of the company’s most effective area directors to Vice President of Management, where she works hand-in-hand with Terry to lead our management business.

PK is a Michigan-based company and has historically done most of our business here, but the company is not constrained by geography for the right opportunities. In 2009, we first expanded our footprint to Texas through a strategic partnership and have since completed 12 tax credit developments across the state. Likewise, in 2014 we expanded west, developing three tax credit deals in California. Our portfolio now consists of completed projects and managed properties in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Texas and California. We have extensive experience working in rural markets as well as urban core communities like Detroit, Grand Rapids, East Lansing and Flint.

PK is a specialist in affordable housing and is quite active with the low-income housing tax credit program, historic preservation tax credit program, new market tax credit program and opportunity zones. We have strong relationships with the national and applicable state offices of USDA Rural Development and HUD, as well as the various state and local economic development and housing agencies that we work with on a daily basis. With our growing expertise and new strategic partnerships, PK has successfully diversified its portfolio to include more urban, conventionally financed, market-rate and mixed-income developments.